The Waimauku Vaulting club started up in November 2014 to learn the sport of equestrian vaulting.  Equestrian vaulting is equivalent to gymnastics or cheerleading on horseback. The Waimauku Vaulting Club has been one of the few vaulting clubs operating in New Zealand.  

We started our training with Epoña from the USA, a highly experienced former national level vaulter, as our head coach.  Epoña moved on to new pastures out of the Auckland area so we then recruited some guest coaches to help us improve our vaulting and coaching skills.  We  have had the opportunity to host many vaulters from Germany – some still competing at top level – during their travels around NZ and some from other European countries.

Vaulters learn the techniques on a specialised vaulting barrel before progressing to the horse.  We cover the compulsories as well as freestyle moves that can be used in routines.  Vaulting is a fun exercise to develop strength, confidence, balance, coordination, great posture, and a spirit of teamwork.  The skills learnt are also an excellent foundation for horse riding.  

We have enjoyed providing 4 years of vaulting training to Aucklanders and the surrounding areas.  At this time we have decided to close our doors due to our horses, Tiny now passed away, and Hugo (now 24) having faithfully served us in vaulting and he is in a well deserved semi-retirement phase. Both Hugo and Tiny have been the most amazing horses for launching the Waimauku Vaulting Club and allowing us to develop our vaulting skills. Our other newer horse, Chico, that we had intended to train for vaulting has unfortunately not developed as we had hoped and has physical limitations preventing his progression to be a canter horse. As this has been a personal investment for us, we have now run out of resources to support the club.  However, we can still provide private and one off lessons in both vaulting and performance skills on your horse or ours.  Please check out the Kahu Creek Ranch website for these services: