The Waimauku Vaulting club started up in November 2014 to learn the sport of equestrian vaulting.  Equestrian vaulting is equivalent to gymnastics or cheerleading on horseback. The Waimauku Vaulting Club has been one of the few vaulting clubs operating in New Zealand.  

We started our training with Epoña from the USA, a highly experienced former national level vaulter, as our head coach.  Epoña moved on to new pastures out of the Auckland area so we then recruited some guest coaches to help us improve our vaulting and coaching skills.  We  have had the opportunity to host many vaulters from Germany – some still competing at top level – during their travels around NZ and some from other European countries.

In 2017 our vaulters participated in the Equidays night show with the Kapiti Vaulting Club in a team canter routine.  Then in 2018, we entered the Equidays Top Talent with a vaulting inspired performance and came second.  2019 was a giant leap forward for us in vaulting with our top vaulter, Jasmyn Rodriguez, travelling in the New Zealand Vaulting team to Europe and competing in Sweden and Germany.  We also volunteered our time to run a clinic at Equitana 2019 and we were the half time entertainment in the Mark Todd Live evening show, collaborating with Wild Thyme Horsemanship in an exciting performance. We have participated in many featured events and demonstrations throughout New Zealand in previous years which have added to our vaulting performance skills.

We have now moved to Stratford, Taranaki and currently do not offer regular classes. We can provide vaulting barrel lessons by arrangement.