Featured Events

Equitana, Auckland – November 2019

Waimauku Vaulting Club had a great opportunity to showcase vaulting at Equitana Auckland this year.  Our education session aimed to show a beginner lesson to start new vaulters and demonstrate vaulting training with a novice horse. Our vaulters were Jasmyn and Emma, who were also in our circus themed show performing for the Mark Todd Live event on Thursday evening.  Wild Thyme Horsemanship, and the Rainbow Reins dancers partnered with us to produce an exciting half time performance.

Equidays , Hamilton – October 2019

AIHS7759Jasmyn joined up with the Kapiti Vaulting Team once again for the Saturday night Equitainment Extravaganza show. Four of the vaulters performing were just back from  the Vaulting World Championships for Juniors in Ermelo, Netherlands.  One of the vaulters was from the New Zealand team in 2014 at the World Equestrian Games (France).  The team wowed the crowd with a rendition of the New Zealand Squad performance at the World Championships (where they placed 6th).

CVI Flyinge, Sweden – June 2019

In the vaulting world, a CVI is the official FEI sanctioned competition. New Zealand does not currently run any formal or official competition.  These experiences are only available to vaulters in New Zealand by travelling and participating as an international competitor.  The jump from no competitive experience to attending one of these competitions is a large gap.  We have aimed to develop our vaulters through performance displays over the years which adds to their confidence in a more pressured environment.  A further hurdle for most international vaulters is that they will need to compete on a borrowed horse that has a different rhythm and stride to their training horse, with only a little time before the competition to develop the the trust that they need to compete optimally. Jasmyn Rodriguez attended her first competition in Sweden, competing individually in the junior 1* class on a horse called Chameur from a German club in Hamburg. Her NZ teammate Teagan McCaughey joined her, competing individually in the children section. This event was an experience booster for the Kapiti Vaulters in their Vaulting World Championships lead up and the girls displayed professionalism and poise in their routines.

Ellerslie Boxing Day Races – December 2018

A Queen inspired performance rocked the Boxing Day crowd at Ellerslie Racecourse.  Jasmyn Rodriguez performed on Toby, the pony, who was a little superstar in the high pressure environment.  Lunger, and Freddie Mercury dancer, Belinda Rodriguez complemented the show as the ground support.  A great experience and fun day!

Equidays Top Talent Competition – October 2018

The Equidays Top Talent Competition was a huge test of our performance skills, being in front of a large crowd, indoors, under lights and surround sound plus live video on the big screen, and competing with the best horse trainers in New Zealand.  Our horses Hugo and Toby were dressed to impress in the theme of Aladdin.  We complemented them with our costumes of Aladdin (Jasmyn Rodriguez) and Jafar (Belinda Rodriguez).  The performance, including stand up riding with ribbons and hula hoops, as well as dramatic effects of the genie painted onto a blue cloth, a genie lamp, and a crystal ball, was wrapped up with a short vaulting display.  It won the judges hearts and we were thrilled to come second, only topped by Russell Higgins and his liberty horsemanship.


Ambury Park Centre Vaulting Showcase – June 2018

Our End of Term Showcase was held at Ambury Park Centre in the indoor enclosed arena.  Vaulters performed their compulsories and freestyle routines to an audience of family and friends.


Vaulting at Muriwai Beach –  March 2018

At the end of our vaulting lesson term the vaulters went to Muriwai Beach to perform amidst the salty sea air on our two horses Hugo and Gino.

Counties Cup Race Day – Pukekohe November 2017BVG-388A7653

We were invited back to perform at the Counties Cup Race Day event at Pukekohe Park.  Our vaulters performed with Hugo during the race events and were well received by the spectators.




The Mane Event – Hamilton November 2017

Waimauku Vaulting Club wasMane Event invited to give a demonstration at The Mane Event at Claudelands Park in Hamilton.  The event was organised as a celebration of the unveiling of the War Horse Memorial statue.  Our vaulters performed on Hugo, our original vaulting horse, who had just returned from spending winter with RDA Cambridge.  Our performance included a short dance routine as a demonstration of the skills acquired from the Equidays show plus a new vaulting routine.


Equidays – October 2017

Waimauku vaulters Jasmyn and Savannah participated in the Equidays events in Hamilton and Christchurch with the Kapiti Vaulting group.  Equidays is one of the largest equestrian events of the year in New Zealand.  For the first year the event was also repeated in Christchurch, so the group travelled up and down the country to participate in vaulting clinics and the night shows.  The night show was the highlight showcasing six months of training for a performance involving dance, silks, lyra, straps, hula hooping and a team vaulting freestyle.

Kapiti Vaulting Club Competition – July 2017

We travelled down to Kapiti again to participate in their winter club competition.  Jasmyn and Savannah competed with a doubles routine on Tiny to the music “Despacito”.  This was the final vaulting performance for Tiny.  After the competition he was retired and went to a new home in Kapiti. Thank you Tiny for your wonderful service to New Zealand vaulters!


Waikato Equestrian Vaulting Showcase – June 2017

Vaulters at the Showcase

We finished our vaulting clinics in Waikato with a showcase event.  The vaulters performed their compulsories and individual routines for an audience.  It was a great introduction to performing for the new vaulters.  Each vaulter received a certificate for participating in the showcase.




Waikato Vaulting Clinics March – April 2017

It was time for a change of scenery, so the Waimauku Vaulting Club headed down to Cambridge to teach vaulting to some talented new vaulters.  Tiny and Hugo are helping to keep the Waikato vaulters improving and getting hooked on vaulting!

Kumeu Santa Parade December 2016

Continuing our theme of Alice in Wonderland, the Waimauku Vaulting Club participated in the Kumeu Santa Parade with Tiny (dressed as Tweedle Dee along with a matching outfit for the lunger), and the vaulters dressing in costume as one of the other characters.  See if you can guess all of the characters in our float.


New Zealand Interclub Competition July 2016

It was a great experience for the Waimauku vaulters competing in the first ever NZ national vaulting competition held at the Kapiti Vaulting and Equestrian Centre. Emma, Taiva, Jasmyn and Savannah put in their best efforts as a team and were second place in their class. Thanks to Ronja and Miriam who coached our team for this competition, and Wendi Croft for travelling down to Wellington as parent support.

Vaulting Camp July 2016

We had an extra mid-winter vaulting camp for preparing our team of vaulters for their first team competition.  Emma, Taiva, Jasmyn and Savannah participated in tests of bravery, fitness, and endurance of the chilly weather conditions during our 3 day camp!

Kaukapakapa Market Demonstration June 2016

We had four vaulters participate in the Kaukapakapa Market barrel demonstration, Emma, Taiva, Jasmyn and Savannah.  Their barrel routine was put together by Ronja Regener, our guest coach from Dortmund, Germany following the theme of Alice in Wonderland.

Vaulting Camp April 2016

Our 3 day vaulting camp was held during April.  Typically we do an overnight camp once a year as an opportunity for some intensive vaulting training.  This year we had Inga and Amelie, S level (highest level vaulters) from Germany, running our camp.  Stella, Jasmyn, and Savannah (our regular vaulters) participated and also two new vaulters Chloe and Ari joined us.  We had two glorious fine days for training outside doing fun games and vaulting.  On the third day we dressed up and performed a show for parents to see our progress.

Pukekohe Race Day Vaulting Demo April 2016

The Waimauku Vaulting Club was invited to give a display of equestrian vaulting at the Counties Racing Club Race Day event in Pukekohe on April 10th.  Our two senior members Jasmyn and Savannah did a new doubles routine that was put together by Lisa Bollmann during her guest visit with us.  Jasmyn also did an individual display of canter vaulting.  We provided entertainment for the crowd who had come to watch the horse races, doing our display out on the race track between races.  Our demonstration was very well received by our audience and it was a great experience for us.

Kumeu Show March 2016

Our vaulters Cori, Jasmyn and Savannah performed at the 2016 Kumeu Show.  It was a great opportunity for the public to see what we do. We were honoured to have Lisa Bollmann from Germany as one of our lungers.

End of Year Vaulting Showcase 2015

Our end of year vaulting showcase was well attended by parents, friends, and the public.  Our vaulters Stella, Cori, Nikita, Jasmyn, and Savannah put on a display of compulsories, freestyle and a barrel routine.


Kumeu Christmas Parade 2015

image 2The Waimauku Vaulting Club took our big horse Tiny to the Kumeu Christmas Parade.  Although we did not do any vaulting on Tiny due to being on the street it was a great opportunity to show off our gymnastic skills on the ground.  Tiny looked massive following the ponies in the parade and he was a popular focus for the crowd.

Equidays 2015

The Waimauku Vaulting Club participated in the Kapiti Vaulting clinics at Equidays 2015.  Demonstrations were given on how to start a vaulting horse as well as teaching beginner vaulting.  We also helped run a session for the Fiber Fresh Youth camp participants to try some vaulting training.  One year ago Jasmyn was a participant in the Fiber Fresh camp at the Kapiti Vaulting session and out of that experience our vaulting dreams grew and the Waimauku Vaulting Club was born!

Kapiti Vaulting Club Competitions

We were grateful to be invited down to Wellington on September 19th 2015 to participate in the Kapiti Vaulting Club competitions that they run at the end of each school term for their own vaulters.  Jasmyn and Savannah of the Waimauku Vaulting Club competed for the first time in the individual section (compulsories and freestyle) on the horse and then they combined to do a team barrel competition.  It was a great experience for our club to see how a competition runs and also to see the moves that are being taught at the Kapiti club.  Our vaulters were placed 2nd in the barrel competition which was a nice reward for having put in many hours of practice and a tribute to Sabrina Hartmann from Germany who put together their routine.

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July School Holiday Vaulting Camp

The Waimauku Vaulting Club kicked off the school holidays with an overnight camp at the Tasman Rides facility in Helensville.  We had an intensive 2 days of vaulting, eating, and more vaulting.  It was great to have some new people join us for the camp from as far away as south Auckland.  Nikita, one of our regular vaulters, made a great breakthrough at the camp with her first mount at trot onto Hugo, our smaller horse, and then within the same day she was mounting our 18.1hh horse Tiny at the trot!  Well done!


Coatesville Market

We had four vaulters attend the Coatesville market on Sunday May 3rd; Heather, Jasmyn, Savannah, and Nikkita.  We were scheduled to take our horse Hugo, but he fell ill the day before.  Not to be deterred by our second incidence of bad luck at showtime with our horses, we took the barrel and performed our routines anyway.  It was a great experience for the vaulters being able to perform in front of many people stopping to watch as they browsed the market.

Kumeu Show

Four of our vaulters – Ali, Heather, Jasmyn and Savannah – participated in the Kumeu Show on March 15th 2015 supported by our coach Epoña.  We were not able to take our main vaulting horses to the show for various reasons but we were kindly lent Ali’s pony, Aladdin, to be trained to be a vaulting horse two days before the show.

Aladdin was fabulous for his lack of experience and even taking on board doubles. Untrained horses will tend to stop for dismount and other types of hanging movements so our lunger and vaulters made sure to give him plenty of encouragement to keep going. The show went on despite it being a windy day with a cyclone warning in place. It was a great experience for all the vaulters to put their skills on display and show the community what we do!

Vaulting Showcase

Our first ever showcase event was held on March 8th 2015 for friends and family.  Our new horse Tiny who was trained and owned by the Kapiti Vaulting Club made his debut with the Waimauku Vaulting club.  Our vaulters did a display of compulsories and freestyle vaulting.  Our coach, Epoña, also gave us a demonstration on the horse.  Even some parents had a go!