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The Kapiti Vaulting team represented New Zealand in 2019 on the world stage at the FEI Vaulting World Championships for Juniors in the Netherlands.  The team placed 6th out of 13 teams in a field comprising well established vaulting nations.

Our vaulter, Jasmyn Rodriguez, is the first vaulter outside of the Kapiti Vaulting Club to make the New Zealand team – we are very proud of this achievement!

NZ Vaulting Team
NZ Vaulting Team

The determination of the Kapiti Vaulting group is inspiring – the barriers to competing in vaulting from NZ are huge. There is no formal competition in NZ, and less than 100 vaulters in the whole country. For competitive experience, vaulters have to raise all funds to attend competitions outside NZ. The planning and organising to attend a competition is also at considerable cost, with horses needing to be borrowed and vaulters needing to spend weeks training on overseas horses to get accustomed to a new horse.

Despite these great challenges, the Kapiti Vaulting Club has represented New Zealand previously at the World Equestrian Games in 2014 and placed very commendably in 9th place for their FIRST EVER team competition against the top vaulting nations.

For more information on the team see the NZ Vaulting Team page

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For one of our own vaulters selected in the NZ vaulting team, Jasmyn Rodriguez –  it has been a whirlwind journey.  Jasmyn first saw vaulting in 2014 when the Kapiti Vaulting team had just returned from the World Equestrian Games.

Jasmyn Rodriguez and Epoña Keller
First Lessons with Epoña Keller

Jasmyn’s story is also one of determination. After meeting the Kapiti Vaulting team in 2014 the Waimauku Vaulting Club was started upon finding a coach living nearby – Epoña Keller from USA who was working at a local veterinary practice.

At first we trained only on our vaulting barrel while we began preparing our 15.2hh 19 year old Clydesdale cross horse, Hugo, to be a vaulting horse. Then came Tiny – his namesake “Tane Mahuta” the largest tree in New Zealand – and standing at 18.1hh.

Jasmyn Rodriguez on Tiny
Assisting a young vaulter on Tiny

Tiny was trained by the Kapiti Vaulting Club and took the Waimauku Vaulting group to new heights, literally. Our vaulters improved exponentially training on Tiny with his lovely temperament and balanced canter.

We are lucky to have had top vaulters from Germany and elsewhere staying with us over the years.

Thanks to Inga Egt, Amelie Tokaj, Anja Traub, and many other travelling vaulters and coaches staying with us and passing on their knowledge (Alex Subke, Karin Schmidt, Sabrina Hartmann and others). Also to Luca Short for his enthusiastic training sessions during Jasmyn’s visit to Colombia at the beginning of 2018.

Jasmyn Rodriguez Vaulting in Colombia
Training with Luca Short in Colombia

Since Tiny’s retirement Jasmyn has been training much on her own with less ability to work on canter vaulting since Hugo was needing to be carefully managed at his age of 22 years.

Kapiti Vaulting Equidays 2017
Performing in the Equidays Night Show

In 2017, Jasmyn moved to Kapiti for 3 months to train with the team performing in the Equidays night shows.

In July 2018, Jasmyn moved to Kapiti permanently to train with the NZ vaulting squad.

Equidays Top Talent Professional
Jasmyn vaulting on Hugo at Equidays Top Talent

In October 2018, Jasmyn competed in the Equidays Top Talent competition as the main performer in the Waimauku Vaulting Club group with a vaulting inspired act, placing 2nd in the professional category.

Jasmyn was interviewed for the NZ Horse & Pony magazine June 2019 edition.  The New Zealand Vaulting team also appears in the magazine (September 2019) and in numerous TV and newspaper articles and announcements celebrating their achievements.

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The NZ team placed 6th overall in the 2019 Vaulting World Championships for Juniors. That is a tremendous credit to the determination of these vaulters and their coaches. But they couldn’t have done it without the generous support of the parents, public and businesses who helped with fundraising. Thank you!

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